No Party in Washington

Since when did we as Americans begin putting our complete trust in a certain party in government. This country was founded on the people telling representatives what to do and how to lead, but in the last 30 or so years politicians have successfully divided the people into two groups. Both parties have also managed to convince Americans to fight and argue with someone from the opposing party, and never compromise. Thus, nothing ever is accomplished, unless one party controls all three branches. This is a very bad idea, no matter if your Republican or Democrat, because absolute power never works. Think about it, what politician would vote against what he believes if the people told him or her to? President Obama pushed for healthcare reform that over 70 percent didn’t want, and the Republicans blocked a gun control bill that 80 percent were for. These two parties just want to fight each other and have no interest whatsoever in solving our problems, and yet we are following them more blindly now then ever before and taking the fight to each other instead of laying it where it belongs. The sad part is, we truly do have the power to do something about this, yet we are happier when our party wins and do nothing but complain when we lose. This problem is ours to fix, not the president or congress, so let’s stop the party in Washington and do something for a change. Fire them all!


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